Milf Laura Humiliator

Milf Laura is in the Humiliator, Kelli is going to tickle her entire body and have her way with her feet too. Kelli lick tickles her armpits some but a lot on her feet. Milf Laura has been better in other videos, but I dont think she has looked sexier than in this one!

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  1. mr t says:

    A lot of people may not agree with me but I have to say that the more I see Kelly work the more sexy she is to me. I would not put her on the super fine beautiful woman list but I would put her on the sexy skillful list, I love the way she use her fingers, they look like each finger have a mind of there own you can just feel them when she do her spider crawl tickle and have you notice how well she can flick her nice size tongue I love how she lickle women. if Kelly is nothing else she is sexy and know how to put sexy in a tickling clip. look at her face,see how she get into what she is doing and how believable she looks being turned on from what she is doing. I know people might not like her and I had my reserves at first because Tasha and brook is a hard team to follow but Kelly has made her own style and I like it she put sexy back into tickling and I love what she do to women, I hate the vibrator use on woman to make them orgasm I want to see fingers,toes and tongues flicking and crawling on that pussy that is more intimate for it is flesh against flesh not a plastic object (no more vibrators please show the skills of the fingers) guys please give Kelly a chance she is not Tasha or Brook but who is? Tasha and Brook is Grape and Orange juice but Kelly is Apple juice she is good for you also

  2. Jones says:

    Brooke is the best

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