Tasha Humiliator

Tasha knew eventually she would have to try out the new bondage and Lil Dee is more than happy to be Tasha’s tickler. Dee tickles Tasha everywhere but gets her worst on her feet, especially Tasha’s extra ticklish left foot.

7 Responses to “Tasha Humiliator”

  1. tickle voyeur says:

    Lil Dee is a ticklee, not a tickler…I would like to see Cali, Sumiko , Nikki Lee and specally Joey and Samantha on the humiliator…

    • TickleslaveinTN says:

      Anyone who can make Tasha scream like that is a great tickler as far as I’m concerned! LOL Great job, Lil’ Dee! You did all the work while Tasha just sat around. 😉

  2. mr t says:

    Tasha is so ticklish to be a killer tickler I find that so interesting, to hear her scream and babble had me dying laughing the only thing missing was her drool. please have sumiko or nicole Oring tickle Tasha I love the way Sumiko tickle people,oops sorry not I’m drooling!!!!

  3. Happy Kamper says:

    Damn! Tasha looks good. Hopefully you do get her in there naked as you mentioned you would try and do. Until this happens maybe Tasha could be naked or at least scantly clad while tickling someone else in the Humiliator.

  4. Lumpie says:

    Lil Dee is great and a very good tickler and ticklee she’s amazing. Keep her onboarf!!

  5. Lee says:

    They need to do an asshole tickle video 4 her or Big Dee

    • TickleslaveinTN says:

      Big Dee? Is that a typo or is there another Dee that’s been used in tickle videos for Tickle Abuse?

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