Mia Humiliator

Mia is naked and helpless in the Humiliator. Kelli shows no mercy as usual, t0rturing Mia’s body and especially her feet.

6 Responses to “Mia Humiliator”

  1. Fire35 says:

    Next to Joey, Mia is my favorite ‘lee…I love when she’s on the verge of crying…

  2. Paul says:

    Her nipples look really hard during the torture. Did Kelly work for the Spanish inquisition in a previous life? She looks to enjoy her job as TA chief torturer!

  3. Soleman57 says:

    Kelly is merciless. She is especially skilled at “scratching” the soles and holding the toes back. Would love to see her do Jade. I love the way she torments pretty feet.

  4. Mia fan says:

    I like mia she is my sexy girl

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