Gang of Brunettes

Danielle and Bubbles were messing around, they are always tickling each other. Bubbles gets a little frisky and Danielle gets even, pinning her after a lot of back and forth. When Bubbles has had enough, she calls for reinforcements and Diane and Brooke jump in, pinning and stretching Danielle.

2 Responses to “Gang of Brunettes”

  1. hazel foster says:

    just my cup of tea a g/g gang tickle 🙂

  2. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    I think Danielle likes it. She didn’t put up much of a fight. 😉
    I wouldn’t mind getting tickled by all four of ’em, Danielle, Bubbles, Diane, and Brooke. Of course, I say that now and would probably scream my head off if it really happened. 🙂

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