Zombie Revenge

Dr Mia is a research scientist doing unorthodox research about Zombies, trying to discover if any human emotion is left. She recently found a young recently transformed Zombie, a pretty blonde schoolgirl, and she did her tests on her, first seeing if she would respond to touch. Dr Mia found her feet unaffected by the virus and found them irresistible, so she worships them. Later Dr Mia tickles her and even finds out that a Zombie can have an orgasm. She left her subject restrained but soon her Zombie escapes. Dr Mia is distracted writing her report and soon finds herself cornered. She , the Zombie manages to get her in restraints. Mia thinks she is a goner as the Zombie eyes her toes, but the Zombie wants revenge and brutally tickles her. She later rips Dr Mia’s clothes off and tickles her body too.

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  1. punkrock says:

    i would love to see what mia did!!

  2. Ticklish says:


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