Insane Inner Thighs

Sexy little Fiona is so damn ticklish everywhere, but she is deathly ticklish on her inner thighs. Kelli certainly exploits her spot, only giving her a break to tickle her elsewhere.

4 Responses to “Insane Inner Thighs”

  1. pigsty says:

    Are you sure you have the gender right in this description?

  2. Paul S says:

    Yeah, Pierre laughs like a girl.

  3. Fire35 says:

    I’ve see Women cry from being tickled in that spot..With Kelli doing the tickling this has to be terrible for that Girl…

  4. JT the Brick says:

    Kelli is an amazing talent pick-up to have Tasha , Brooke and Kelli , is like MJ Kobe , and Lebron :).

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