Naked Helpless Danny

Danny is naked and helpless on The Humbler and completely at Brooke’s mercy. Brooke starts her off with some feather teasing and light strokes with her fingers. Then Brooke attacks with her fingers and babyoil, punishing Danny’s armpits, body and her very ticklish nipples.

3 Responses to “Naked Helpless Danny”

  1. FootFiend says:

    She is so cute….@Creste & it’s obvious she ticklish…I want to see more of this girl….preferably a tickle teasing clip….PLEEEAAASSSEE??

  2. paul says:

    Having her naked and no orgasm seems wrong, but loved it anyway!!!!

  3. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    Danny had that “oh crap” look in her eyes the whole time. She knew she was in deep trouble, especially when Brooke got her armpits. I could actually feel her ticklish suffering when Brooke got the nips–that spot gets me every time! Nice job, Brooke! Danny looked like she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry by the end. 😀

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