Bound, Gagged, And Blindfolded

Carmen gets something a little extra this time around, blindfold, extra bondage, and she ballgagged to keep her from screaming and bothering the neighbors, lol. Brooke terrorizes her, Carmen doesn’t know where she is going to get tickled next. Brooke attacks her pits, inner thighs, nipples, stomach and pays special attention to her feet.

4 Responses to “Bound, Gagged, And Blindfolded”

  1. yoke says:

    Love us some Carmen, And she got a cute booty. But the screaming type of laughter she does can only be taken for a short while.

  2. John says:

    I could tickle her and listen to her screaming laughter for months!

  3. paul says:

    Carmen needs revenge on Brooke!!! Swap places please!!!!!

  4. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    Brooke: “This is gonna’ suck for you…”
    Carmen: Screams of pitiful laughter, LOL
    I think the ballgag was a great idea, not only for keeping peace with the neighbors but also it’s just another way to deny one sense and focus the energy back on the sense of touch/feel.
    And I’m not unsympathetic. If I were blindfolded and gagged like that, at Brooke’s mercy, and she said “this is gonna’ suck for you…” I think I would probably have a heart attack. 🙂

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