Pee Pee Pants

After Joey got tickled with tongue and feathers, she thought she may be able to handle another video. However, Brooke was going all out this time, no feathers, no tongue, just brutal torturous tickling, tickling until Joey pisses herself. Brooke is ruthless, Joey screams, cries, she warns Brooke that she is going to piss herself. Brooke chuckles and tickles her more until she does, all over herself and the bed. Pee pee isnt going to stop Brooke, she pulls down Joey’s panties, humiliates her by calling her “pee pee pants,” and continues the torture on her body and feet. Brooke leaves Joey in tears, spent, and humiliated with her wet panties around her ankles.

4 Responses to “Pee Pee Pants”

  1. ticklefiend6969 says:

    no feet tickling action?

  2. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    Joey loves to be tickled to the point of extreme begging so much and to be humiliated, I can’t help but think the best thing for her would be a Gang Tickling experience. A 4-on-1 session would be EPIC!

    • Ticklefetish says:

      So true!! I would love to see that! Tasha, Brooke, Taylor and Jade all tickling Joey would be the best video ever!!

  3. Paul S says:

    Joey is an interesting case. In her very first tickle session she claimed it was a horrible experience. But then in the very same video she let herself be stripped nearly naked and put on the rack. After that she said she felt “violated” and claimed she would never come back.

    That was, what, 10 videos ago? Joey keeps coming back to be reduced to a screaming, bawling, begging mess time after time. It’s getting hard to believe that she doesn’t like it.

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