Pussy Tickle Torture

Brooke has already tickled the crap out of Layla, no way she wants her to go near her feet again. Brooke doesn’t mind, she wants to play with Layla’s pussy! Layla doesn’t really want a woman to play with her down there, and she also definitely doesn’t like vibrators, but too bad! Brooke starts to stimulate her and Layla goes nuts, she is turned on but she cannot take the vibrator tickling her pussy. Brooke plays around, making it worse, not giving Layla a chance to breathe! Brooke stops only for a short nipple tickle, the rest of the time she is tickling Layla’s pussy.

5 Responses to “Pussy Tickle Torture”

  1. charlotte says:

    very erotic my type of scene thanks

  2. Fire35 says:

    Layla’s bitchy attitude makes her the perfect ticklee…

  3. I love feet & boob says:

    yo she has the hottest and the biggest titties ever i wud suck on them forreal

  4. I really love mmo games they give me acces to a whole new world.

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