Session with Prya

I am not sure how it was even possible, but the sexiest Indian Prya somehow managed to get even sexier! Now Prya is a gift to Brooke, she can choose to do whatever she wants with her, so Brooke decides to do a little bit of everything to her. First she teases Prya’s gorgeous feet on the sofa, then gets her body. Next she has her on the stretcher and punishes her feet. Prya then gets in the new device and Brooke tickles her tummy and armpits. Finally Prya is in the Rack Immobilizer and Brooke plays with Prya’s armpits with her tongue and also tickles her feet.

3 Responses to “Session with Prya”

  1. ticklefiend6969 says:

    her and milf nikki have the sexiest feet ever.

  2. kivir says:

    hi ticklefiend I completely agree with you. I guess you are in fetlife as well. what is your criteria for good feet? wrinkles?

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