Surrender Your Armpits

Mia has the hottest armpits, Jade knows it and wants them. She not only wants to worship them, she wants Mia to sit and take how ticklish her tongue and how wicked her fingers are. Mia tries to take it, Jade’s tongue is just too ticklish. There is a moment when it starts to get sensual, but Jade licks a little harder and Mia loses it again.

2 Responses to “Surrender Your Armpits”

  1. Gabe73 says:

    Ok….I can see the new centerfold model Sarah pinning Mia down and tickling her nipples. How lovely and enjoyable that would be to see. I would pay to see that, now will that happen??….. one can only wish and hope.

  2. bimbo says:

    Tommy u should have more “surrender” videos as in the girl has to do her best to keep her arms up so she can get tickled this kind of videos are very hot. two thumbs up for videos like this

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