Fun In Nylons

Mrs Elizabeth wanted to have a little fun before she left, something more sensual and not as torturous, but I have other plans. I dont punish her like before and am more playful, but definitely get her good in spots. She has on sheer RHT nylons, very hot.

3 Responses to “Fun In Nylons”

  1. Mark says:

    it’s been awhile, will Mrs. Elizabeth ever be back?

  2. José Santos says:

    Yeah, amongst all the other chicks (some of them with a LOT of silicone on the body…) she is very refreshing. All natural, she demonstrate that mature women CAN be sexy as hell! Wish I was there but, as it cannot be, want to see more of her. A LOT more!

  3. José SantosJosé Santos says:

    Happy new Year, mrs. Elizabeth, wherever you are. I think you are a very, very sexy woman and your laughter is music in my ears. I’d choose you among a LOT of younger chicks any day of the week! You can be real proud of your performance. Thanks.

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