Epic T0rture

Joey is insanely ticklish everywhere, and Mia finds out that she is even ticklish on her pussy. Mia starts her off with some light tickling and lick tickling on Joey’s feet but Joey cannot even handle that. She begs, cries, screams, and sexy Mia just keeps on going. Joey is wasted, but the fun is just beginning. Mia breaks out the vibe and Joey loses her mind, she cant handle how badly it tickles. But it gets even worse, Mia is very persistent and gets her cum, but Joey gets the most horrible post orgasm tickle I have ever seen.

9 Responses to “Epic T0rture”

  1. Mr Tickle says:

    That was probably one of the best tickle reactions to date! More of that please!!!

  2. anonymous says:

    Amazing, would love to see Brooke get this kind of treatment…

  3. Fire35 says:

    Joey….this Doll gets my early vote for ‘lee of the year!

  4. theanti says:

    So glad she came back!!!!

  5. Lumpie says:

    Mia tickles her just so well… I love her reactions, and the evil, enjoying smile on Mia’s face when she tickles her insane.. 🙂

  6. ticklefiend6969 says:

    damn,i love her feet.

  7. jasmin says:

    that was the best tickling i have ever seen i would love to be tickled that way

  8. ticklefan says:

    Always come back to this amazing clip… Just perfect. What are the odds of giving this treatment to Keri or Brooke?

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