Tickled Till She Pees

This video is only for those who want to see the most extreme, brutal tickling with no mercy. Joey is quite simply a masochist and Tasha is going to give her all the suffering she can endure and then even more. Tasha has some new nails, sharpened points and she is dying to punish someone with them. Joey thinks she wont make it, and that is definitely correct, Tasha is the most brutal I have ever seen. Joey gets it everywhere and pees herself a little right in the beginning. We dont even notice until Tasha brutally uses those new nails on Joey’s right foot and Joey says she peed herself again. Tasha is satisfied that her nails are doing the job, but it isnt even close to being over for Joey. Tasha tickles her to tears, again, leaving Joey totally spent, but that is what Joey wants.

16 Responses to “Tickled Till She Pees”

  1. rogie says:

    Very sexy.
    You should make a gang tickle and forced orgasm session with her.

  2. ticklefiend6969 says:

    good god,i love this girls reactions…and sweet little feet.

  3. Fire35 says:

    See…I told you she’d be back…I like rogie’s suggestion about forced orgasm, but this Doll needs a good dose of orgasmic denial through tickling…..You all know what to do…It’ll be awesome!

  4. tickle voyeur says:

    fantastic…this girl should have more videos…where she is intensely tickled, tickle fucked, nipple licked, till she cries…

  5. tickle voyeur says:

    also she has this petite feet, seems like size 7…girls with petite feet and delicate constitution should be prority, like marie, amber, daniela, which is the ideal tickling victim in my opinion, together with marie…and both have tiny feet…

  6. tickle voyeur says:

    you should use more that russian girl on tickle fuck, and intense tickling, on marie, amber and this one…strong big footed and elder girls tickling intensely and ticklefucking young petite delicate girls…

  7. EveTickler says:

    Great movie, there is a lot of things that I wanted to see for a long time.
    Don’t stop there!!
    Definitely you should do more videos like this – create a new section for them. We are all looking forward to similar movies – with total nudity, violent tickling, peeing with laughter, gagged, oiling, and maybe even (the peak of dreams) Gang Tickling or with The Tickler.
    We are very happy if we would see how other girls retain in this (a dream for tickler) situation.

  8. DraKe10 says:

    “No mercy tickling” and “total nudity” is the best possible combination – we want more, we want more!

  9. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    I’m surprised she came back, given how she apparently hated round 1; but you must be right about her being a tickle masochist who loves humiliation. Her “stop humiliating me!” cry at the end, somehow I don’t think she really wants it to stop.
    Two things I would love to see with Joy: #1) A 4-on-1 Stretch Gang Session (if possible, by surprise would be even better). I think newbie Brittany has some tickle payback to dish out on somoene…anyone; plus Tasha, Brooke, and Jade. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Amber & Stacie in a Stretch Gang series, maybe beause they’re just too ticklish to take it. This could be a special time where it’s ONLY Joy who gets the 4-on-1.
    #2) I would also love to see how Joy performs as a tickler. Ideally, Tasha DESERVES to be her victim, but if she won’t go for it, then I say give Joy any other super ticklish girl so she can have some tickle payback, such as Stacie, Amber, Daniela, Ashley, or even Rikki or Goth Vader.
    It could be verrrry interesting!

  10. TicklerWitch says:

    Such a fantastic clip, congratulations!
    A cruel tickler, an extremly ticklish girl who pee herself from the cruel tickling, yeah it’s the real dream of every tickle lover.
    I would like to see more videos like this one!
    It would be very exciting to see a new serie of clip when a gang of girls (4 or even more) tickletorture an other one until she pee herself more times from the nonstop cruel tickletorture.

  11. Fire35 says:

    I saw a beautiful older Woman one time at an S/M Lifestyles get bent over a wooden horse and throughly spanked by two Doms together then secured into what is known as a bondage swing. It’s like a hammock where your arms are straight back and your wrists and ankles are secure with padded cuffs so your body lies in this hammock type thing. Anyway, she never uttered a sound during the vicious spankings, but after she was secured into the swing the Doms tickled her with goose feathers and after five minutes of her trying desperately to hold out she burst out laughing hysterically and within 10 minutes was frantically begging, babbling and crying for the Doms to stop tickling her while contorting her body to get away from the tickling feathers. Tickling is the most feared form of torture for masochists, and many will NOT consent to it’s use…Thankfully Joey will…for now!

  12. EveTickler says:

    Very happy I love to see similar videos in climates “Tickled Till She Pees” and The Stretch Gang (Naked) with the participation of these ticklish and sexy girls like Jade, Rachel, Riley, Ebony, Neolle, Eve, Prya. Each of them definitely would be one hundred percent authentic and brilliant for all.

  13. Pasca Marcel Denis says:

    Tasha should try those nails on Jade!!!

  14. SBTT03 says:

    I support the establishment of a series Tickled Till She Pees and joining
    subsequent films about such a topic, I’m sure they will do a furore, especially with such nude ticklee as Jade, Brooke, Rikki and Crash.

  15. Rachelle says:

    Gang tickle

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