Submit To Me

I have been wanting to tickle Holly Heart myself for some time, but she has always talked her way out of it. She was supposed to come over on New Years Eve to let me have my way with her, but she couldn’t make it. Well today she finally agrees and she is nervous for good reason. I know all of her spots, even a few spots that nobody has really taken advantage of before. Not many models can take abuse like Holly but I know I am going to make her submit to me. I tease and taunt her and progressively make the tickling and teasing more intense, even including one forced orgasm just so I can tickle her through it. Then I hear what I have wanted to hear for so long, ” I cant take anymore!”

4 Responses to “Submit To Me”

  1. EveTickler says:

    Make more videos just like this – nice viewer Eve Evans, Jade, Angelina and other ticklish girls.

  2. Funnier says:

    That’s right, do the same thing with Eve Evans.

  3. ticklefiend6969 says:

    i love the way jade made holly beg.

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