Lesbian Femdom Tickle

Tasha has two girls who need to be dominated. One denies that she loves pussy, the other denies that she needs a woman to make her cum. Tasha has Erin handcuffed behind her back and blindfolded, she is going to make Erin her bitch and make her do whatever she wants. She stuffs Erin’s face in her crotch, then forces her to lick Noelle’s pussy. At first Erin resists, but Tasha knows she secretly wants it. Tasha tickles Noelle as Erin licks her pussy, and every time she cums, Tasha tickles her. Noelle is going to accept that she loves girls, Erin definitely gets her to cum hard with her tongue, over and over.

3 Responses to “Lesbian Femdom Tickle”

  1. Tbone says:

    This is awesome. Hope to see more like it.

  2. FootLover says:

    That was HOT

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