Behind The Scenes Mikayla Miles

Finally and I mean finally we get Mikayla Miles to agree to get tickled, well sort of! She is supposed to get into the stocks as you can see from the behind the scenes footage before the shoot but she is too big and just wont fit. Sunshine gets her in the rack and then Mikayla soon remembers why she didn’t want to get tickled in the first place! The Amazon is soon pleading for Sunshine to stop as she rakes her armpits, definitely her most ticklish spot. Sunshine also tickles her feet and those size 16’s don’t disappoint.

3 Responses to “Behind The Scenes Mikayla Miles”

  1. MrFrenchTickler says:

    Nothing worse than watching a ticklish woman act ticklish!
    And it’s nice to notice Mikayla has branched out from that odd anime guy and involved herself with actual tickling. Hopefully we get to see her in agony more often. Brooke, Tasha and Kelli should each have a turn making Miikayla sweat.

  2. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    Torture her, Sunshine!! Nice work!

  3. Jaybo752003 says:

    Very nice! Hope yall didn’t let Mikayla out the door without a bikini/spread eagle head to toe, back up to head, scenic route back to toe thorough tickle ass whoopin tho.

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