Sorority Pledge

Naomi is a new Pledge at Nika’s and Ally’s sorority. She really wants to get in but unfortunately for Naomi there is a few tasks she must complete. Ally gives her the first task, just to drink a little water to make sure she is hydrated for her the next task. Too bad for Naomi that the water has a little something special in it and she wakes to find herself in some crazy bondage device. Ally and Nika go to town on her super ticklish body, Naomi cries that she is too ticklish to do this but it is too late. The girls next tag team her feet, with some nibbles, lick tickling and finish her off with babyoil and two brushes. Naomi is going crazy and pushed way beyond the limit.

2 Responses to “Sorority Pledge”

  1. TurkishTickler says:

    This is crazy

  2. Oscar says:

    More nibbles her feet will be better

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