Shady Mechanic

Toby broke down and had to leave his car at the first mechanic shop he found. He has come back to see if there is any progress and turns out the shady mechanic Miles says his car needed a new head gasket and in fact he has already fixed it and Toby owes him 1200 cash today. Toby was not expecting the repair to be so much and he doubts his car needed the gasket so he tries to convince Miles to accept a check so he can leave with his car. Miles is getting a little annoyed with the city slicker and Toby senses it and asks if they can go inside his office to make a deal. As they head in, Miles captures Toby and Toby finds his situation has gone from bad to worse. Miles takes off his shoes and tickles him in his sheer socks. Halfway through he gets to his bare feet and torments Toby to teach him a lesson.

2 Responses to “Shady Mechanic”

  1. screamking1 says:

    I just LOVE watching Toby get those adorable sheer soles tickled in these new vids… He wears them well!!!

  2. Eric says:

    So hot. Miles needs a taste of his own medicine

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