Bring A Friend To Work Day

I told all of the models I know that TA wanted to have a “bring a friend to work day” hoping to get some new faces and Amethyst came through with her friend Reina. Amethyst tickles her entire body to see where she is most ticklish, pretty ticklish everywhere!

4 Responses to “Bring A Friend To Work Day”

  1. Tickler11 says:

    GUYS, can you please please please PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE use more than just one ‘toe-tie’?

    P L E A S E for the love of God.

  2. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    That was pretty cute! She’s pretty ticklish, but not desperately so. Still, that’s a good thing in some ways. You could tickle her all day before she finally can’t take another second. 🙂

  3. TicklishTickler says:

    LOVE HER! My favourite style of shoot is the ones where current models bring a friend in, it’s so much cuter xD
    Fingers and toes crossed we get more like this!!

  4. Esoteric says:

    I would like to sit on her bare legs and lap and hear her laugh out loud while being tickled. And then take pictures of it. And then have sex with her.

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