Just Not My feet

Jessica Jones knows she is going to get tickled today, she was hoping that she would just get some sexy foot worship but Naomi assures her that she is not going to tickle her very sensitive and very ticklish feet much at all. Jessica gets in the stocks and Naomi tickles her upper body for a few seconds but then goes for her sexy big feet. Naomi sometimes feels a little insecure when models come in with their big feet and she definitely likes to give it a little extra.

5 Responses to “Just Not My feet”

  1. alberto says:

    Basta con Naomi!!!!
    Non sa fare il solletico e vi sta rovinando tutti i video!!!

    • Gitana says:

      I disagree. She is actually very good at tickling in my opinion. Everyone has their own tickling style. I think some of the videos may need a switch up in theme, diologue, and tickle focus, but as far as lers go she is doing great.

  2. Ghiri Ghiri Watcher says:

    You should delete alberto comment he said- translation “stop with Naomi! She can’t tickle properly and is ruining all videos!”

  3. MARK says:

    terrific clip. naomi is a great tickler.

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