Broken Manhood

Young Toby is heartbroken, his manhood has taken a big blow when he finds pornographic images on his girlfriend’s phone with another guy, Justin. He has to make it right and confronts Justin but Justin just doesn’t care. He has to find a way to get revenge and devises a way to break Justin’s manhood and his arrogance. He captures him and gets him in his rack, naked with cell phone in hand for some selfies. He wants to humiliate him and take pictures with his dick in a man’s hand. He also wants him to beg for mercy and forgiveness with some tickling and damn is Justin ticklish. After he has tormented his body and feet he starts to stroke big bad Justin and Justin can’t help but get hard and eventually cums for a dude. His humiliation isn’t over, Toby tickles his sensitive dick and body after.

2 Responses to “Broken Manhood”

  1. Eric says:

    Now Toy turn racked him too please

  2. screamking1 says:

    SO fucking HOT!!! I love these two together!! Too much tortured manhood on display…

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