Don’t Want To Cum

Toby gets to have a little revenge on Macy for jerking him off and making him pay. Macy doesn’t want to get tickled nor does she want to cum but Toby is ruthless. He starts her off with some tickling and tickles her where she isn’t used to getting tickled, her knees. Of course he tickles her entire body too and soon it is time to cum. He doesn’t just let her relax and have a nice orgasm, he tickles her during and after and doesn’t give Macy a chance to relax. Macy doesn’t want to pee either but she is going to do that too as Toby ignores her warnings and tickles her until she pees and pees again.

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  1. Fire35 says:

    Oh my gosh…this is my dream ticklee..She is so good looking…and so frustrated…

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