Tasha Ass Up

Tasha gets ass up in the Rack Immobilizer. Jade is going to teach her a ticklish lesson on behalf of all of Tasha’s victims, and because Tasha did the same thing to her last week!

6 Responses to “Tasha Ass Up”

  1. bling bling says:

    Great seeing tasha in that position,but jade was not nearly aggressive enough..lots of hesitation and barely touching tasha..Brooke should have been there instead

  2. cool boy says:

    tashas sooo delish, she would hate me in that position.

  3. jimbo says:

    I certainly do love this video. She is gorgeous strapped down and her butt and soles covered in oil. But is this the best she can be tickled tortured? She has left dozens of tied up females squeaking and squealing and begging. She is barely touched here. Please do another naked tasha with oil covering her beautiful taut ebony body. She deserves a much harsher tickling than she received here. her butt is a wonder of the world. Thank you.

  4. ALEX says:

    spread your toes!
    spread up!
    no… hahahahahahah

    I love you tasha.. I do love your wrinkly soles..

  5. JB says:

    love seeing tasha get a taste of her own medicine every now and then. has she ever been vibed like she does others? payback would be complete on all ends.

    • Ms-Mello says:

      I would love to see her got on all ends too… Tasha is the master as I often refer to her…when my man and I are discussing her….and I love to see her tickle and I would love to get her myself…. I think I could get her pretty darn good

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