Soley Soles Jamie Valentine

Cleo is a little pissed off that her roommate Jamie is always late with rent and it’s definitely time to teach her a lesson. She has her toe tied in stocks, arms behind her back, and she finds just about every way possible to torment her soles even using her own feet. Not likely Jamie will be late again!

3 Responses to “Soley Soles Jamie Valentine”

  1. TicklishTickler94 says:

    I bloody love this new setup!! Makes a real noce change from the standard stocks, this looks so much more intimate! Reaaaally cute set and a gorgeous duo together, really hoping you have more like this planned!!!
    Would be over the moon to see Tay vs Charlee and Bailey vs Luna in this setup 🙂
    And some other models you’ve not used before that I’d DIE to see in the stocks would have to be Alyssa Hart, Sadie Kennedy and Dakota Skye!!! Dream come true xD

  2. TicklishTickler94 says:

    Oh and Anastasia Rose vs MJ!! So many gorgeous models that aught to return, but Anastasia probably has THE best and cutest soles out of all your models, so unique!

  3. Tickler11 says:

    Such a shame that Jamie Valentine is an awful ticklee. She has the most gorgeous soles I’ve ever seen, and she seems kinda ticklish, but her annoying (and even false) begging, that face that looks like she’s having a weird orgasm and that the fact that she seems to be holding her laugh just kill the vibe.
    Cleo isn’t precisely the best tickler in the world, but she doesn’t do a bad job.

    Amazing device, great idea, but too bad that Jamie is only made for the foot fetish world and not for the tickling one.

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