Agent 009 is captured by Agent Maia and she wants the plans for the nukes. He is trained to withstand any type of interrogation but has the agency trained him to withstand the torment of tickling from a skilled and ruthless ler?

7 Responses to “009”

  1. It is nice to see you get a clean cut, boy next door type man again to be turned over to the torturer.
    He seems delightfully ticklish!

    TickleMSTR at Aye Oh Ell dot com

  2. kululu says:

    plz more toetied tickling

  3. henr664 says:

    hot more of him

  4. why doesnt maia bite his toes hard? then she would get the plans !! bite his heels too !!

  5. henry says:

    Cmon guys new videos please

  6. Sean says:

    please TA come back male section not female

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