Honey By The Toes

Alexa gets her revenge on Honey’s big toes and her amazing arches tickling her feet with whatever she can!

3 Responses to “Honey By The Toes”

  1. Ticklelover says:

    Honey is just awesome. I wish my feet would be as amazing as hers… well maybe not because then they would be a target for tickles! Love honey, maybe you could get her toetied in the rack?😄

  2. TicklishTickler94 says:

    Honey has the cutest plumpiest little toes, her soles are so gorgeous it’s unreal! Love the mix of her being an incredible tickler then next minute an stunning ticklee – makes you appreciate seeing her getting tickled miles more when she’s usually the one dishing it out to others!
    I feel the same about Charlee and Tay, they’re the ultimate triple team! I’d do anything to have my feet tickled by them xD

    I’m a massive fan of older girls vs younger ones as well so this is a perfect pairing, Alexa’s pretty little pink fingers dancing over Honey’s older soles is so sexy! Awesome set 🙂

  3. Randall Mensing says:

    WOW. I have been visiting your site for over ten years and i have been wishing for a long time that you would come up with a bondage devise that holds the feet together side by side with the toes tied back tight. This is as close as it gets to what I have been after for so long. thanks.

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