Tickle Test 2017

Honey wants to start comparing ticklees to see who is the most ticklish and of course who is the most fun to torment. Today she has Cleo and Alexa and she plans to thoroughly test their entire bodies, toes to pits. She starts off on the feet as she taunts them, tickling one at a time then both at the same time. She then moves to the upper body, again one at a time then both at the same time. Honey has so much fun tormenting them that she pretty much forgets to declare a winner lol.

5 Responses to “Tickle Test 2017”

  1. TicklishTickler says:

    This is amazing!! I’ve been dyyyyying to see more girls with their feet up being tickled side by side, you’ve not done it very often but it looks incredible when you do! My favourite setup 🙂

    Cannot wait to see more like this, hopefully with the girls sat at more even heights and maybe stocked too??

    Some pairings I’d love to see would be Bailey and Celeste, Tay and Charlee, Zoe and MJ

    Keep up the amazing work! That goes for Honey too ;D

  2. Jaybo says:

    I love the concept

  3. Ticklemonster says:

    You should use the rack for these if your Dinah do more like this idea is awesome

  4. Jaybo says:

    Great stuff! I also think that maybe doing sum ticklish “Lees”/ being tickled by non-ticklish Ler’s would be interesting, especially if it’s a couple (f/m, m/f, m/m) or mom (or dad, in whichever pairing) an daughter/or son, brother an sister, brother n brother, pretty much any combo or heck perfect strangers would be just fine to. Lol and also could have them both stocked up side by side with other ticklers going at both, and the non-ticklish one makes fun of the ticklish one the whole time.

  5. Christopher bone says:

    please, please, please, more ribs and stomach tickling please!!!!!!!!!!

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