Fuck Your Safe Word

Indica was really looking forward to tickling Dacy Lynn, you see I told her that she is too nice to lees and that we need to put the abuse back in Tickle Abuse. Indica took it personally, especially after I told her that Dacy was ok with coming in and working with the bubbly, nice Indica who doesn’t tickle too hard. Indica starts off pleasant, asking Dacy what her safeword is, of course she will stop if Dacy insists, not! As soon as Dacy is restrained, Indica transforms into someone pretty evil, telling Dacy “fuck your safewords and fuck you!” Dacy suffers completely, I even had to edit a part where she pukes, too embarrassing for her to leave in. That was about the only kindness she is shown lol, Indica simply destroys her.

4 Responses to “Fuck Your Safe Word”

  1. Geoff says:

    “…put the abuse back in Tickle Abuse.” I like the sound of that. Laughter is nice, but I prefer to hear them scream. Bring Mandy back, get her naked on the rack and make her scream. Pretty please??

  2. Tickler11 says:

    YESSSS! Dacy is back. Gorgeous, genuinely ticklish and perfect.

  3. Jason says:

    Please do more rack video’s and bring back Tasha and Jade and bring back some hardcore tickling

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