Alexa J

Alexa is model from years ago, been a long time since she has been tickled. Sexy as ever and extremely ticklish, Honey cannot wait to punish her especially since Alexa has been raiding her closet and stealing her shoes. Enough is enough so Honey gets her in the stocks for a little punishment. Alexa is ticklish pretty much everyhere. Honey starts off with her feet in the suntan nylons and eventually rips them off to get at her gorgeous bare soles. She finishes her off with some upper body torment.

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  1. Ken says:

    Alexa J is cute. I think she used to be called Luminous. That face and those feet are still just as cute. Love the sound of her voice when her soles are tickled. Please tickle her feet without stocks. Maybe on the couch on someone’s lap.

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