Regan Busted

Officer Indica has finally caught the notorious bank robber Regan Lush. Catching her is not enough, she needs more evidence to make sure she stays locked away this time. After arresting her, she has to do a body search and forces Regan to strip naked. Of course she must interrogate her and she straps her down to the rack, she will get the information she needs somehow! She starts to tickle, definitely not what Regan was expecting but turns out to be pretty effective. Regan is reluctant to tell Officer Indica about the stolen money but Indica is a skilled tickler and will get her to confess.

2 Responses to “Regan Busted”

  1. JohnnyA says:

    In the newer videos it seems like the models aren’t bound up as nearly well as they used to be. It looks like this girl could get out in like 3 seconds if she wanted to. I wish you would go back to putting the models in stricter/tighter bondage.

  2. knizmojoe says:

    To be honest – I love that they have more room to flail around! Lets them express their ticklishness…bravo

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