Scarlet POV Tickle

Scarlet knows how sexy you think her bare feet are. She doesn’t even mind that all you want to do is tickle her until she is laughing her head off. In fact, she is giving you this opportunity to let your heart run wild as you tickle her feet. She tells you where she is the most ticklish as you run a feather between her toes and giggles while your fingers search her soles for tickle spots. Maybe next time you can tie her up and tickle her. Would you like to have her feet all to yourself, unable to move as you listen to her laugh the night away?

One Response to “Scarlet POV Tickle”

  1. Vait says:

    Bring Scarlet back!!!! Would love to see a toetied foot tickle video of scarlet. Scarlet has such beautiful feet. Would love to see her feet get hardcore tickled.

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