Scene Of Desperation

Nikki Next is delivering a package to Scarlet that came to her house by mistake. It is quite heavy and it requires all of Nikki’s concentration to keep the package held securely above her head. Sensing Nikki’s struggle, Scarlet sees an opportunity for mischief and begins tickling her friend’s ribs. Nikki immediately starts giggling as she valiantly tries to keep the package above her head. This unfortunately leaves her arms quite exposed, a fact which Scarlet wastes no time exploiting. Eventually, Nikki’s strength fails her and she collapses to the floor with the heavy box now lying on top of her leaving her trapped in place with her bare feet sticking out and vulnerable. Scarlet hoists them into her lap with one hand and immediately begins to tickle her from heels to toes as Nikki laughs helplessly beneath the box wondering if her friend will every let her out so she can catch her breath.

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  1. Ghiri Ghiri Watcher says:

    No way that was just too cruel XD!!!!

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