Lickling Torment

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well Cat wants to recreate the worst tickling Loosey has ever experienced in her life. That means she starts with her super sensitive soles and she doesn’t stop until her tickle victim is utterly broken from laughing so hard she can barely breathe. Teeth and fingers assault her ticklish toes to begin with forcing Loosey to laugh so hard her stomach is sore within minutes. Cat always keeps her ‘lees guessing and mixes in the brush while still alternating between tongue and nails which Loosey absolutely cannot stand. She cackles with all her might as her poor bare feet are subjected to more tickling than she can stand. I think she was seriously ready to hurt Cat by the time she got out because I saw her casting the evil eye as she tried to catch her breath.

2 Responses to “Lickling Torment”

  1. Ghiri Ghiri Watcher says:

    I’m wondering what kind of taste have her lovely feet 🙂

  2. Orlando Bloom says:

    Really great video. Loosey has beautiful feet and is very ticklish. Cat did an amazing job tickling her. I’m a sucker for lickling and she really tortured poor Loosey with her tongue and the brush. Would love to see Loosey in more videos. Maybe even a revenge on Cat

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