Long Toes Hate The Brush

Savannah’s self-proclaimed monkey toes have trouble hiding her most ticklish spot. Those tender little piggies are particularly exploited with a hairbrush and MJ’s mouth was watering the entire time she tickled her sexy elongated feet. Savannah can’t stand to have her toes tied and she was truly pushed to the brink of her tickle tolerance with a ravenous ‘ler like MJ tickling her from head to toe. She laughs to the point of whimpering, begging through bared teeth for some sympathy. Don’t miss seeing them kiss and make up as MJ interviews Savannah about her thoughts on tickling.

4 Responses to “Long Toes Hate The Brush”

  1. Michael says:

    Savannah, never be ashamed of having long toes. Show them off every chance you get. A girl with long toes is probably has good dexterity and can do fun things with her feet, lol. Also, bigger toes mean bigger toenail beds for painting on! Nice pedicure by the way. And lastly, great chemistry between Savannah and MJ. When is round two?

  2. Ghiri Ghiri Watcher says:

    Savannah’s toes hate the Brush but we love her ticklish piggies!!! The Beauty is Clearly writed in her feet and in her laughters, my congrats.

  3. David says:

    WOW! This is a girl who should never have gotten strapped in. Fortunately for us, she did! I love that laugh and agony.

  4. Jaybo says:

    Shes gorgeous

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