Tickling Denial

Cat found that the best way to use a vibrator on April is to tickle her senseless with it. Knowing this, she proceeds to deny her orgasm as she overloads her senses with a tickly touch whenever April gets too close to cumming. As far as Cat is concerned, April needs to earn her orgasms and there is nothing like some nonstop foot tickling to get her in the mood to hear April scream for pleasure when she can no longer stand any more tickling. She begs Cat to let her cum between laughter and tears. Then when Cat finally allows her an orgasm April realizes it was only a trick to make her even more sensitive so she could be tickled until she cries once more. She really suffers the agony of the dreadfully ticklish this time around.

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  1. David says:

    Bravo! I love April’s suffering. She should be held captive permanently. Great job, Cat!

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