Class Thief

Gia has been sold out by her classmates for stealing the shoes of Ms. Jensen. Always known as a strict disciplinarian, she quickly apprehended Gia and placed her in strict detention to await further interrogation. After retrieving her heels from Gia’s locker, Ms. Jensen returns, furious at Gia for taking what doesn’t belong to her. Gia tries to plead her case but Ms. Jensen has already seen to it that all protest will wait until after she has has a thorough chance to reprimand Gia for her thievery. Laughing desperately into her ballgag, Gia’s high pitched squeals bring a smile to Ms. Jensen’s face knowing that she now has free reign to punish a student to her heart’s content. She mocks Gia, questioning whether or not the poor girl has a foot fetish that led her to leave her teacher barefoot in class all morning. Gia can do nothing but giggle and squeal as her muffled replies fail to elicit any sort of sympathy from her stern professor.

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