Struggle and Cum

Indica truly pissed off MJ during their shoot when she wouldn’t stop tickling even after MJ said her safe word (bananas) repeatedly. Now that it is MJ’s turn, Indica started by claiming that she had to pee after she was strapped down. MJ’s patience was not her virtue that day as she starts tickling Indica so viciously she was safewording within minutes (coconut). I just let the scene unfold as MJ tickles Indica with the intention of not stopping until she sees her wet herself. Indica freaks out and laughs hysterically under MJ’s assault who is now raking her teeth across the balls of Indica’s oily feet. She doesn’t care about the taste because she knows how badly this tickles Indica who is now babbling incoherently between gasping for air and laughing her head off. Once MJ whips out the vibrator, Indica knows her bladder can’t take anymore but she is so turned on by this intense foreplay that she cums almost immediately. I couldn’t tell if the wet spot on her panties was from her peeing or cumming but she has no time to contemplate which as MJ tickles her the entire time. If I had to guess I would say there was no way she got off while she was being tickled so ruthlessly by MJ.

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