Ler And A Hard Place

MJ’s older sister has a lifetime of tormenting to make up for. We figure she can make up for lost time with some extreme tickling on the rack. MJ teases every inch of her sister’s torso as she screams and struggles to break free. She isn’t going anywhere stretched as tight as she is and laughter soon envelops her as MJ’s game threatens to sap her strength with every twist and tug at her bonds. She will find little sisterly love here, however, as MJ delights in every tickle spot she can exploit without fear of reprisal. She relishes her sister’s soft, wrinkly soles, even giving them a quick lick before experimenting with the hairbrush at the base of her toes. Blu struggles so much we actually had to reinforce the padding a bit to keep her from injuring herself on set! Afterwards the two girls talk for a minute about their experience as MJ continues to throw in some last ditch tickles. Little did she know it would soon be her turn…..

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