Desperate Struggle

Kendra’s girlfriend, Sarah, has a phobia of being tickled. When she was younger, a family member used to hold her down and tickle her for hours until she would be left on the floor in tears. This went on for years whenever she would get back from school and has left her traumatized by even the thought of being tickled. She was hesitant to shoot because she didn’t think she could handle being tied up to the point of no escape only to laugh herself into a frenzy like she used to. She didn’t want anyone else to touch her while she was tied up and Kendra takes it easy on her since it is her first time. She fights back her repressed tears and holds out long enough to laugh for Kendra’s amusement as she tickles her tiny pink feet until Sarah is overwhelmed. She begs for Kendra to stop and Kendra gently coaxes her to keep going despite her apprehension.

One Response to “Desperate Struggle”

  1. Ghiri Ghiri Watcher says:

    My grandfather always says:”If you have a pobhia the best solution is to face your worst fears and fight them”. So if you have a tickle-phobia there is not a best therapy like a good tickle torture session in the stock with a sadistic tickler XD.
    Shara is really a good ticklee with two of the most softest feet i never seen 🙂 i think she should be tickled many often!!!

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