Scared Straight

Professor Indica has a reputation for being the sternest teacher on campus and she is fed up with Maria skipping her class and goofing off when she has so much untapped potential. Today she sent Maria to a very special detention hall where she will teach Maria that there are terrible consequences awaiting every slacker under her jurisdiction. Maria is frightened that Ms. Indica has her tied up but tries to put on a tough front. She doesn’t think twice about her bare feet locked tight in the contraption. Not until Ms. Indica discovers how ticklish those soft feet are that is! Barely able to wiggle her toes, Maria is at the mercy of a merciless tickler who will stop at nothing to see that she laughs until she sees the error of her ways. Maria’s feet are so sensitive that even when her professor starts running her tongue between her toes all she can do is continue her hysterics as she begs her teacher to leave her feet alone. She threatens to tell her parents between fits of laughter but nothing can dissuade this tickle obsessed educator from exploring every ticklish crevice of Maria’s tormented soles. Maria’s teacher tells her how cute and tasty her bare feet are as she laughs in horror. She is willing to agree to any demand Professor Indica makes of her. She realizes only too late that she has just agreed to be tickled and lickled for the next 30 minutes on her hypersensitive soles!

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