The Awful Truth

Catherine likes to tickle. This much should come as no surprise to anyone who knows her. When I gave her permission to tickle Genesis nonstop she gleefully accepted the challenge. The goal was to break Genesis’ resolve and tickle her until she could no longer stand another second of it. Things start off with some gentle sock strip tickling followed by a few playful lickles but once Cat’s teeth and claws get involved things get desperate for Genesis in a hurry. Laughing herself hoarse, Genesis hangs in there with the best of them but is sure to let everyone know that she is not having a good time as she is tickled to exhaustion by the brush. She wonders how seeing her suffer like this could be fun for anyone between bursts of ticklish despair. Cat still isn’t finished though as she tickles Genesis in her weakness as she screams the ticklish pleas of the damned.

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