Pitiful Lickle Toy

MJ broke the ticklish Krissy in record time! She starts out playfully with her little pink feather tickling Krissy’s sensitive toes and licking between each one as Krissy titters and squeals helplessly. She nibbles at Krissy’s bare feet as her fingers dance across her soles bringing Krissy to new levels of hilarity. Soon she tires of this game and starts to torture Krissy’s worst spots as her laughter becomes a song of agony which is music to MJ’s ears. She won’t stop until Krissy cannot laugh another minute. Onward her tickles carry Krissy to her breaking point until her laughter turns to sobbing and her smile distorts to to reflect her suffering.

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  1. Tickle master says:

    what is the most ticklish spot

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