Sensory Overload

Carmen thinks she looks ugly in a bikini and told Cat she wasn’t comfortable wearing one on set. Ever the smooth talker, Cat convinces Carmen that she won’t feel so self conscious if she can’t see herself. What she didn’t tell Carmen was that she planned on depriving her other senses as well in order to heighten her remaining sense of touch. Blindfolded and gagged with earplugs to drown out sound, Carmen is truly in a bind by the time she finds herself strapped in. She struggles against her restraints until she feels the first light touch graze across her bare foot. Her laughter suppressed by the gag, Carmen muffled pleas for mercy are ignored as Cat teases her soft soles with the brush and claw combo to great effect. As Carmen chokes on her own drool between throes of laughter, Cat advances on her tender thighs and is rewarded with renewed squealing from a very helpless Carmen. Removing her blindfold to see the terror in her eyes, Cat tries tickling her left foot next finding it even more ticklish than her right foot. A torrent of laughter crashes into Carmen’s ballgag as the poor girl struggles to stay sane during her tickle torment.

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  1. Jose says:

    And now a lickle is on the turn for her

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