Rack Exhaustion

Bo is about to experience what tickling on the rack is all about. Bowie doesn’t stop until someone cries or is too exhausted to continue. He works Bo’s laughter up to a frenzy and watches as he breaks a sweat, unable to escape. First his armpits are teased, then his ribs and hips. Bo’s laughter reaches a high pitched squeal when Bowie finds a really ticklish spot, like when he starts scratching at the base of his toes. Bo tries to grin and bear up but ends up choking and coughing from laughing so long. By the time Bowie comes back up to his inner thighs he is pretty much spent. Only his laughter propels him onward as he prays for a swift end to his tickling. Wishful thinking, I guess.

6 Responses to “Rack Exhaustion”

  1. ticklemysheersocks says:

    Who cares if the victim is suffering when Bowie is having SO much fun??

  2. Michie says:

    no more f/m m/m clips??
    i’ve been waiting for ages for new stuff

  3. Jack Palmer says:

    Five months and no updates ? but i see you are still regularly updating on the female section?

    would you maybe like to let us know why? have you just stopped catering for the male side of your market ?

  4. henry says:

    Whats new please more videos on the male section

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