Bo Knows Tickling

Bowie invited his step-brother, Bo, over for a long game of tickle in the stocks. Once his feet are bared, Bo is forced to laugh himself hoarse as Bowie finds all the ticklish spots between his toes and at the balls of his feet. By the time Bowie moves to his upper body, Bo has broken a sweat and begs for the tickling to stop only to be greeted by more fingers wiggling into his hips and inner thighs. Struggling to break free, Bo gasps for air as his laughter deep grunts to high pitched squeals. He can no longer contain himself by the time Bowie tickles his armpits but he finds his strength waning the more he struggles to escape the ticklish sensations overloading his senses. His mind is then overwhelmed when his oily feet meet the brush and he struggles to find the energy to laugh as Bowie continues his assault. Perhaps a case of revenge from tickling that occurred in their youth?

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  1. ticklemysheersocks says:

    I love how Bowie seems to be enjoying tickling other guys more than as just a model. Perhaps he’s grown to love this kink? I’m more focused on watching his torture tickle victims than the victims themselves.

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