Leo Meets Scarlet

Leo meets Scarlet as her tickle slave for the day and he has no idea what a ruthless ‘ler he has been offered up to. When it comes to tickling guys, Scarlet loves to show no mercy and will even hurt them to get the laughter she is looking for. Leo doesn’t stand a chance as his poor feet are her playthings. She even nibbles on his knees which tickles him terribly. She teases her prey for being such a ticklish little boy as her hands descend upon his inner thighs, ribs and pits while he giggles and laughs for her amusement. Her playful nature does little to hide what a vicious tickler she has become and Leo will be begging for his sanity before she lets him go in a broken, sweat covered state.

One Response to “Leo Meets Scarlet”

  1. Leo is good at tickling; but he is world-class as a ticklee.
    He suffers exquisitely well; and the wringing sweat is proof that he is torturously ticklish. I enjoyed seeing this.

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