Leo Gets Revenge

Leo has been tickled all night by Bowie and had pleaded me to let him have some revenge. Bowie was reluctant to agree because he knew how cruel his friend could be when it came to payback but we finally got him tied down in the stocks, unable to put off his ticklish fate any further. Slowly Leo creeps closer to Bowie, fingers extended as he dives into his ticklish ribs. What Leo lacks in experience as a tickler he more than makes up for in tenacity, taunting his victim as Bowie laughs into the night. Leo’s work gets much easier (and sweeter) when he realizes how easy it is to tickle Bowie’s feet with the brush. He laughs until he can’t stand it anymore only to find out Leo is just getting started with him. Perhaps a ruthless ‘ler in the making?

4 Responses to “Leo Gets Revenge”

  1. ticklemysheersocks says:

    Oooohhhh….Yessssssss…. That extended squeal is like a blissful string of music…

  2. Zio says:

    I love Leo I wish I can have him and tickle him, massage him and etc!

  3. Zio says:

    Can I have a 1 on 1 tickle session with Leo?

  4. Zio says:

    I love Leo! ❤️

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