Grin And Bare It

Bowie is strapped in as Scarlet’s plaything for the evening. She admires his socked ticklish feet before her fiendish claws begins to rake across his soles. Bowie can’t resist her touch wherever she decides to tickle. His laughter is music to her sadistic ears. Before long, however, Scarlet eyes another prized possession between his thighs. She oils up his cock and begins to stroke as he stiffens almost immediately in response to her touch. Scarlet won’t let her prey off that easy though as she is sure to relinquish her soft hands whenever he is about to cum. This teasing, edging handjob continues until Bowie is feels he will explode at the slightest touch. Once he cums Scarlet reminds him that he never asked for permission and proceeds to make him pay for his pleasure with post orgasm stroking and more tickles – this time on his bare feet! She peels off his socks and rakes her nails across his ticklish soles as he laughs and pleads for her to show mercy.

3 Responses to “Grin And Bare It”

  1. Jajakakks says:

    Big red cock, 2 gurls tickling this man is better

  2. Dan says:

    I was just strapped in to restraints buy my girl and I’m normally TICKLISH but I’m not after being strapped down does anyone know why or have any advise???

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